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Nostalgia and Innovation: How Tetris and Air Captivate Audiences

March 25th, 2023
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Movie Trailers Face-off!

Recently we tested two movie trailers for the recent release of “Tetris” and “Air” movies. “Tetris” is an action-packed movie based on the true story behind the famous video game, featuring a mix of video game graphics with actual graphics . The film benefits from its interesting main actor and other supporting cast, as well as its sense of humor. It has an appealing plotline due to the combination of historical facts against the backdrop of the former Soviet Union. The movie also has a great soundtrack, adding to the enjoyment.
Another true story drives the plotline in “Air” – a movie based on the story of how the Air Jordan shoe came into existence. It features a high-powered cast, including popular actors such as Viola Davis, Chris Tucker, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon. The interactions between the characters, humor, and the history of Nike are enjoyable aspects. Many appreciated the music, the 80s nostalgia, and the positive atmosphere of the story. Overall, the video is engaging and interesting, especially for those who are interested in sports, sneakers, and the history of iconic brands.
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Top Insights

  • Both movies were appreciated for their storylines, which were based on true events, and the historical context they provided, with “Tetris” focusing on its creation with the former Soviet Union as a backdrop, and “Air” centering on the rise of the Nike brand and the Air Jordan shoe.
  • The high-powered cast in both trailers was well-received, with “Air” featuring Marlon Wayans, Viola Davis, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Chris Tucker, and “Tetris” starring Taron Egerton.
  • Humor and comedy elements present in both trailers were enjoyed by the audience, making the movies more appealing.
  • The audience appreciated the music and soundtracks in both trailers, contributing to their overall entertainment value.
  • The nostalgic time settings of both movies, with “Air” set in the '80s and “Tetris” in the late '80s and early '90s, were appealing to viewers.
  • Both movies had a focus on entrepreneurship and business aspects, which some viewers found intriguing.
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Evaluation of engagement and emotions

Tetris Trailer

Based on feedback from respondents, the trailer for the upcoming “Tetris” movie was generally well-received. Respondents appreciated the film's action-packed scenes, attractive storyline, and the use of video game graphics. Additionally, viewers were intrigued by the historical aspects provided by the Soviet Union backdrop and expressed interest in learning about the game’s history and creator.

Taron Egerton's performance as the main actor was also praised by respondents, as were the movie's soundtrack and comedic aspects. However, some viewers found certain parts of the trailer slow or confusing, and some wished for more focus on Tetris's creation rather than the marketing and political aspects.

Despite these criticisms, most respondents enjoyed the trailer and expressed excitement for the movie. Memorable moments from the trailer included Taron Egerton's interactions with his wife and the Soviet investors, the car crash turning into pixels, and the revelation of the Game Boy. The action and comedy mix and the performances of the cast were also highlighted as positive aspects.

Tetris trailer engagement, positive and negative emotions, empathy

Air Trailer

The trailer for the movie "Air" has garnered a range of reactions, with most respondents highlighting the high-powered cast, engaging storyline, humor, and the unique perspective on the history of the iconic Nike brand as the most enjoyable aspects of the video. The nostalgia, music, and portrayal of the relationship between the main characters also contributed to the overall appeal of the trailer.

However, there were some who found the trailer to be slow-paced or uninteresting due to its focus on shoes and the lack of action. These respondents would have preferred more emphasis on Michael Jordan or other aspects of the story. Despite these differing opinions, the overall response to the trailer appears to be positive, and it has piqued the interest of many viewers – especially those who are fans of sports, sneakers, and the history of iconic brands.

Air trailer engagement, positive and negative emotions, empathy
Image credits: Apple and Ben Affleck as Nike founder in Air
PHOTO LEFT: Image Credits: Apple
PHOTO RIGHT:Ben Affleck as Nike founder Phil Knight in Air. Amazon Studios

Based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) provided for each movie, it seems that “Tetris” is the most favored trailer, with an NPS of +15% compare to “Air”: with an NPS of +8%.
The NPS is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors (people who did not enjoy the film or would not recommend it) from the percentage of promoters (people who enjoyed the film and would recommend it). A higher NPS indicates that a larger proportion of the audience enjoyed the movie and would recommend it to others, while a lower NPS indicates a less favorable response from the audience.

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