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Maximize your content efficiency

Discover your content potential by uncovering the audience’s emotional reactions and engagement
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About us

Wantent is an AI-powered content intelligence platform providing insights from the audience. Our mission is to make a positive impact on a content production industry globally and contribute to improvement of watching experience.

Our unique solution captures the audience’s reaction to any video content, estimates viewers’ attitude and engagement during the watching, and provides recommendations for improvements.

We cooperate with video production companies, OTT platforms, TV channels, and Advertising agencies to discover actionable insights.

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3 secrets of success

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“Binge-watching” mode
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Empower the Desire to
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Measure the Content
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Demo video

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One-stop-shop for your insights

Scenario Setup & Participant recruitment
Personalized project design and audience worldwide
Gathering viewers’ reactions
Detailed and clear feedback from the audience
Analysis of the Content perception
Behavior and emotional reaction analysis by AI
Delivery of Insights for final wrap up
Recommendations for improvements

Content protection is our reputation

Next-generation technologies and Hollywood best practices
content watermarking
We protect content from piracy and illicit sharing by applying watermarks helping to identify the source of a content leak quickly, so that effective anti-piracy action can be taken immediately
We protect pre-release content on multiple devices by using cryptographic tools, which are applied in a way that meets the content owner’s requirements
Anti-piracy content protection
Anti-piracy solution
Our team in collaboration with international legal and financial officers from anti-piracy and law-enforcement agencies is protecting your revenue from the risk of any loss
End-User Privacy
End-User Privacy
Wantent is fully compliant with the GDPR and CCPA policies and meets the principles of collection, storage, processing, and protection of the participants’ personal data
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Our Cases

pilot case
Any movie comes from the idea that can succeed on the market or not. 
We conduct a comparative analysis of pilots with or without the reference movie to identify the most engaging one and strengthen it. Wantent AI-powered models measure viewers’ involvement, attention level, viewability, bange-watching, and the reactions synchronicity to content.
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TV show case
TV show
We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the emotional reaction of viewers to the TV show. Considering the sociodemographic characteristics of the audience, we identify the moments of viewers’ distraction and loss of interest in the episodes, their emotional spectrum, and peaks.
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Feature film case
Feature film
We analyze the viewers’ involvement, attention level, emotional response during the watching long content in natural conditions. We automatically find the peaks of the audience dump and moments of distraction to evaluate and improve the video mounting.
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Special request case
Special request
We conduct a large variety of Ad-hoc studies based on the customer needs. We test pitch decks, documents, commercials, scenarios, and websites. Our algorithms can find the best-selling moments of the commercials and provide recommendations on placing branded elements in the advertisement.
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